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Hello lovelies!

Welcome to Shaienna Monique, the blog of course! I guess I could say welcome and nice to meet you as well. Shaienna Monique isn’t just the name of my blog but, it’s also MY name; first and middle. Why did I choose this name? It’s quite simple; this blog is all about me and I mean that in the most non-selfish way. Inside are my stories, about discovering life and living through it. It’s all going to be exposed to you.

Don’t worry, take your time because I’m here to tell you that life can get crazy. Don’t feel the need to rush through the posts in hopes of catching up. Read and engage at your own pace because no matter what; I’m going to respond; even it it’s a post from a while back. So sit back, or down rather, make yourself familiar with the content organization, and join me on this journey.